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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Remembrance of things past

Mike brought back some chocolate-covered madeleines from Thanksgiving with his family (possibly the tastiest of our leftovers, including the white meat that still is sitting, still is sitting on the second shelf of our fridge). I managed to finish the last of them this evening without hearing a peep from Mike, who insists on making the same joke about Proust and becoming lost in one's reveries, etc. whenever I mention eating madeleines. He told me that he doesn't associate the actual pastries with Proust, but thinks of him only when someone talks about consuming madeleines, which is funny because it's analagous to what Proust said about the connection between the madeleines and memories of his childhood. Or maybe it's not so funny.

And by the way, oh no, it's a picture of me on the internet! This is Tempting (version 2, but not II) in a plum-colored Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It was one of my first medium-size knitting projects a couple of years ago and turned out too big and uneven...unfortunately, I had the same problems with this one but don't have the energy to correct them. I used a bit over 5 balls to make the smallest version and even though I got gauge, it's still way bigger than the small. I still think it turned out pretty well. Maybe if I had the guts to throw it in the dryer, it'd shrink to a more manageable size...

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