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Monday, January 01, 2007


2006 went out with gracefully, for the most part. I spent the evening and New Year's Day with good friends and caught up a little bit on sleep today. Er, yesterday.

Over to the left is a washcloth I knit from a ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK yarn--isn't the teal blue lovely? It should be winging its way to Renita along with a slice of Lush's Fresh Farmacy soap shortly...Should being the operative word. Tricksy post office hours.

Not much else to report. This month has worn me down quite a bit--supposedly Sloan Kettering is short-staffed in medicine residents somehow, and the upshot is that I'm working twice as hard. Not that I expected it to be easy, but it makes the two weeks at the end of the year when I'm back in Sloan Kettering much less appealing. I'm thinking of asking for night shifts least they can't unexpectedly double my workload. Feh.

Anyway, one more week and then I'm back in the clinic on 8 to 6 days, which will be lovely. And maybe I'll have the energy and mindpower to study again.

(Philosoraptor, by the way, refers to a mishearing of velociraptor, when I was discussing favorite dinosaurs with friends. Ah, to be 8 years old again. Mike was reminded of Sir Francis Dracon, the great philosopher-pirate.)

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Anonymous jennifer said ... (7:48 AM) : 

That's lovely! I love the symmetry. I wouldn't want to use it, though!


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