Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties (a.k.a. "Leaf")

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Messing with the program

Argh, I'm beat. Being back in the hospital after two weeks of blissful lassitude isn't easy. I've been on my feet nonstop the last two days, and I hate the fact that I have no time to teach. And I only have a little time to think. It feels like I'm playing catch-up most of the day, and it takes so much longer to get done, because I feel like there's something that I missed.

In happier news, I'm done with my cable knit bags. I modified a pattern I found online and used Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky, which is soft and yummy. Mike's parents came up on Sunday and we just hung out in the apartment, talking and eating, and I seamed and lined my bags in between bites of chocolate croissant. I was surrounded by other finished items, including a couple of scarves for Mike's grandmothers.

Perspective makes the brown one look odd, but they're both the same size. My stitching on the lining is a little neater on this one (I hid the stitches). I feel somewhat more caught up. Liesel is still languishing and I need to summon up the strength to finish up Tempting. I finally disentangled and wound my last skein of Schaefer Anne and am contemplating casting on for the Wave and Shell Shawl.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall back

Things have been nice and lazy this past week...I feel like I've made good use of my break: a little taste of travel (Montreal), some time at home with my parents, some work stuff, some more work stuff, some future planning stuff. Unfortunately, I can smell the end of break approaching...

Oh, I forgot "some knitting." I should've taken photos of these petal bibs separately to be consistent, but they look pretty together, like the leaves on my parents' driveway, or the byways of Central Park. I made them out of three different cotton yarns--Suss Snuggle, Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, and Mission Falls Cotton. They're going to Laura soon, very belated gifts for her darling baby girl. If I'm ambitious (or productive?), perhaps they'll be joined by some other knitted trifles.

I also have a small section of the Liesel scarf completed, which has remained the same length for a month or more, probably because it resembles a small stretch of blah. I wonder if it's a worthwhile use of 200 yds of soft and shiny Jaeger silk (to make a longer stretch of blah?), and whether my mom will even wear it at all.