Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties (a.k.a. "Leaf")

Thursday, November 16, 2006

In a yellow boat

I finished a little felted bowl for Mike's grandma out of some leftover pink Cascade 220 yarn (I managed to get this and the felted clutch from One Skein from less than a full hank). I burned my hand a little trying to felt the thing in the microwave and sink (I'm a little cavalier with my health and well-being), but it turned out well. It's hard to shake a tupperware full of hot soapy water. Ah, well, pour faire une omelette, il faut casser des oeufs (to make an omelette, one must break an egg).

I treated myself to some goodies from Lush--most notably Fresh Farmacy, a facial cleanser. I thought it was going to clear up my breakout-prone skin right away, but it turns out that that's due to hormones, stress, lack of sleep, and poor eating habits rather than lack of expensive soap. Good to know.

This post, by the way, is dedicated to the tv show Arrested Development. Mike and I recently finished watching season three on DVD, so the "Yellow Boat" song is stuck in my head. I also want my own chicken dance, but have yet to come up with an original idea.