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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm not worthy!

Just days after receiving those lovely gifts from Cassandra, I found more goodies waiting in my mailbox. These are from Kristin, whose knitting and color choices are so similar to my own that it's almost scary. She sent me some Rowan Cashsoft DK which I think would make lovely fair isle...something. Maybe mittens? I swear, Cashsoft DK is one of my favorite yarns ever. You could ask Cassandra for proof, as I think I mentioned it in my SP questionnaire. I used it in this scarf for my mom, and found it absolutely lovely to knit.

She also sent me this book of cute knitted accessories. It has several neat patterns for mittens and gloves, and after my relative success with Urban Necessity, I'm ready for another pair. (To be honest, I wish my knitting instincts were more seasonally-appropriate.) There's a pair of mittens with a cable over reverse stockinette that I think would do well in the Louet Gems Sapphire I have sitting in my stash.

Finally, she sent me goodies from Lush, and somehow she knew my tastes there, too! I love the bubble bars from Lush most of all. Temple of Truth is a favorite, and I'd bought French Kiss for a friend but never used it myself. The Ginger soap smells divine. It brings back childhood memories of my mother's perfume--spicy and intoxicating, just a little heady. Mmmmm...

Lest this seem like a post solely designed to celebrate drooling, I do have a little actual knitting content to discuss. I finished Mike's scarf, following the Child's Rainbow Scarf pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The pattern is so simple, but it uses self-striping yarns beautifully! Mike wanted a blue and brown scarf, so I used Patons SWS in natural navy and natural denim and stopped every so often to admire the way the stripes progressed. I think it looks even better in Noro Kureyon because there are more color changes, but I'm pleased with this one--not too striking for Mike to wear, but more interesting than a simple two-color scarf. A man's rainbow scarf, if you will. ;)

Add another to the "just in time for spring" file (although, truth be told, I tried out the glittens today and they were necessary!). I knit this hat from some bulky yarn originally purchased to make the felted clutch from One Skein, but I think I'm satisfied with just one. It's warm and cute (in my opinion) and makes a good replacement for the one I knitted out of Lion Brand Homespun--also cute, but no good against a biting chill.

Next on the needles? I'm not sure--maybe a sweater. I really like the patterns at Zephyr Style, but most of them have boatnecks or crewnecks, which just don't suit me. I may go for Ms. Marigold, but that looks pretty similar to Sizzle, which is also on the list. They've had this teaser up for a few weeks, which looks promising...Hopefully it'll actually come soon!

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Blogger melissa said ... (4:40 PM) : 

aw, that hat is so cute on you! :)i like the pom pom.


Blogger Klozter said ... (2:52 AM) : 

Hi Aruni! I see it's all out in the open now and I can say a real hi! It's been great fun being your secret pal and I'm glad now I didn't send any Cashsoft, it seems you have plenty! Are you going to the Harlot's Represent Event today? Enjoy on my behalf!


Blogger Carie said ... (9:48 AM) : 

That's a fantastic hat - it looks like it will keep you wonderfully warm for the rest of spring. By the way - is that rubber duck a pin cushion or just sporting a rather natty hairstyle - I love the idea of a rubber duck pincushion if it is!


Blogger Code Purl said ... (7:21 PM) : 

How do you get involved in all those secret pal exchanges? It looks like so much fun!


Anonymous Beverly said ... (7:23 PM) : 

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You entered the contest on my blog and posted a link to that beautiful shawl on Cookie's site. If you win the Zephyr, let's do a mini knitalong! I guess it wouldn't be too exciting if we were both using the exact same colorway in the same yarn....I have another ball in denim blue. Hmmm. Oh! I think your man's "rainbow" scarf turned out fabulous!


Blogger Calling Kahlo said ... (2:53 PM) : 

hi Aruni,

I don't know why but blogger just uploaded this post in my bloglines. Thanks for the patterns on Zephyr, that new one looks stunning. Hm, and I just picked up some more malabrigo.


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